Frequently asked questions


What should I expect in a treatment?

After a short consultation (allow longer for your first appointment) the client removes their socks and shoes and lies down in a semi reclining position on a warm and comfortable massage couch. Reflexes in the foot are accessed in a purposeful way but it should not be painful (or ticklish!). At the end of the treatment there is a brief foot massage to further relax you before you float off home 

Do you specialise in any conditions?

I see clients with a range of issues but I have taken further training in maternity reflexology, women’s health, mindful reflexology and supporting clients undergoing treatment for cancer

How frequently should I have treatments?

Come as much as you would like – time and finances allowing! Concerns such as stress, insomnia and fertility benefit from more regular treatment

How will I feel afterwards?

Clients frequently feel very relaxed or tired – this is your body’s way of telling you to go home and take it easy

What do you charge for a session?

A one hour reflexology appointment is £60. Mindfulness reflexology techniques can be incorporated into a one hour session or I offer a 75 minute treatment including a slightly longer meditation exercise which costs £75

What is your payment and cancellation policy?

Payment is by cash or bank transfer at the time of consultation. I operate a 24 hour cancellation policy after which the cost of the session will be due so please do get in touch in plenty of time if keeping your appointment starts to look tricky