Charlotte Allocca Reflexology

 'A safe and natural therapy using only the therapeutic power of touch’ 

What is reflexology and what can it do for you?

A gentle, non-invasive touch therapy working on areas of the feet which correspond to the structures of the body, reflexology induces a deep sense of relaxation, improves circulation, restores energy and boosts the immune system.

Treatment is personalised to each client following an initial consultation. Usually you will feel very relaxed after a treatment with a sense of improved mood and wellbeing. Sleep is frequently deeper and longer.

Some people may experience far bigger changes such as improvements in illnesses and ongoing conditions. Problems that are open to reflexology are often ones that have a basis in stress, pain, fertility issues, headaches, skin and digestive problems.

The list of conditions that people have found symptomatic relief from with reflexology is long - the best way to find out if reflexology will help support you is to try it for yourself!